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Sensitive Data? Revoke Access Data Security In The Zero Trust Security Ecosystem by Using Anchor

Data Security Evolution

Cybersecurity has evolved from relying on big protection perimeters such as network firewalls to protecting specific sensitive items such as individual files and data.  It’s clear that the only way to secure data is to minimize the protection perimeter and verify every single request to access a resource. We need a zero-trust architecture. The way we use data has also evolved. It’s no longer feasible to protect information by locking it inside the enterprise. We need to share it with partners, remote workers, personal devices, and more. All while maintaining control of it. 

Anchor – The Zero Trust Security Ecosystem

Anchor minimizes the attack surface by protecting each file with its own unique key. It minimizes the attack window by continually checking access rules and shutting down files immediately when they’re broken.

 Anchor’s Revoke Access Data Security (RADS) combines powerfully simple access control with strong encryption to deliver security that can be instantly revoked and follows the data as it’s copied and shared outside of your network.

 Access Rules

  • Active Directory
  • Geo Location
  • IP Address
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Organization Bluetooth
  • MAC Address … and more

 Protected Data

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • CAD & PLM
  • Video & Images
  • Financial Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Customer Data
  • and unstructured data

 Simple to set up 

  • Built for remote and distributed access
  • No change in existing workflows
  • No plugins needed (no constant updates)
  • Management sets parameters, DAtAnchor does the rest


 Ready to Deploy 

  • Deployment within hours
  • Runs seamlessly in the background without employees having knowledge
  • Already built to work safely in cloud/network shares

 Centrality offers Zero Trust Security comprehensive solution that requires no training for the employees thanks to its simple, low-maintenance design. Encryption can save your organization from a costly attack – whether that be internal or external – during an especially vulnerable time for organizations shifting to a remote workforce. With Zero Trust Security, you have access and control of your data, integrated within your current platform in a matter of hours.

 Want to Learn More? View the video below. 


 Learn More About Zero Trust Security

For more details about Zero Trust Security click on our link below to download the pdf for the NIST Special Publication 800-207 – Zero Trust Architecture



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