Anchorize Data So Security Requirements Travel With Your Files

It is imperative for organizations to control their data. Traditional methods to ensure against data loss include restricting access to applications and files except for a selected trusted circle of employees. Once access is granted to these employees, the data is free to travel as requested by them. This data protection method does not guard against criminal access to systems, nor does it prevent the nearly 70% of employees that leave a company with data.

When protected through DAtAnchor, security requirements travel with the file wherever it may go, regardless of email, document management system, cloud, application platform or whether the file was taken on a USB drive. It works by attaching security requirements, or “Anchors”, to the file itself rather than placing unrestricted files in a secure folder or location. These Anchors are a set of boundary requirements for access that must be met in order to unlock the file from military-grade encryption. Anchors can include requirements such as groups, roles, and geo location parameters such as company Wi-Fi proximity, proximity to the user’s mobile phone or IoT device for two-factor authentication. This security process is completely transparent to the end user such that sharing of data between authorized parties is easily and safely facilitated without the worry of data loss as data in transit, use and at rest remains encrypted. Users change nothing in the way they work and use applications.

Using the DAtAnchor administrator console, businesses define a boundary for file access which persists regardless where the data travels and without any action by the users. Through this console, any piece of data can be tracked and monitored in a highly granular fashion, including global access patterns and other analytics. It is here that applications are blacklisted and whitelisted for additional protections. Administrators maintain full dynamic revocation control over applications and files such that data will become encrypted while in use should an Anchor be violated. Furthermore, rules around strong
encryption and key management are fully automated, saving tremendous time when compared to traditional, manual data governance practices.

Business Benefits

  • Control and secure sensitive data
  • Collaborate without risk
  • Significantly reduce compliance costs (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NIST)
  • Audit compliance in real-time
  • Automated data governance
  • Easy to implement
  • Zero user impact

Key Features

  • Dynamic access revocation
  • Military-grade data encryption
  • Works with all applications and data
  • Security travels with data
  • Direct integration with cloud storage
  • Encryption enforced automatically
  • Granular, real-time data monitoring

Dynamic Compliance

  • HIPAA Compliance – works with your existing HIPAA compliance solutions and communication
    platforms, further complementing protection against human errors and external threats
  • GDPR Compliance – businesses are able to prove a secure breach (i.e, lost data remains encrypted) and
    do not need to disclose breaches to data owners per GDPR
  • Files & Storage – Granular access controls provide automated and perpetual data governance.
    Encryption and cybersecurity protection is anchored to the data wherever it goes

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