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Regardless of the security measures that are in place for your network, it really comes down to user education to prevent security threats. Having top-notch firewalls, anti-virus, web and content filtering are all great lines of defense when it comes to limiting the chances of ransomware or other malware. However, the most effective strategy in combating these attacks is also typically one of the most poorly implemented – cyber security awareness training.

The long list of “worst practices” for user education is almost endless. Break room briefings while people eat lunch and catch up on email. Short instructional videos that provide no more than superficial understanding. The time-honored practice of hoping for the best and doing nothing.

Fight phishing and other potentially devastating attacks that can slip through security gateways. These evolving and sophisticated attack techniques are designed to fool employees. They put your business at risk for data loss, financial fraud, as well as negatively affecting brand reputation. Transform your employees into a layer of defense with Centrality’s Cyber Security Awareness Training.

What is Phishing?

You’ve probably seen many different examples of phishing emails. They are typically sent to large numbers of users simultaneously and attempt to “phish” sensitive information from unsuspecting users by posing as reputable sources. This includes banks, credit card providers, delivery firms and law enforcement. Their ploy is to trick the user into clicking on a link to infect the PC. Other times the goal is for the user to open an infected attachment or go to a fake website to enter login credentials, financial information, social security data or credit card details. But any data entered is likely to be used maliciously to steal money or an identity, or to infiltrate a network.

According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, 23% of recipients open phishing messages. Another 11% click on attachments. Unfortunately, nearly half open these emails and click on links within an hour of receiving them. Some respond within a minute of receipt. In other words, security teams have a tiny window to note the presence of such an attack and take adequate precautions to cleanse it. Clearly, a purely defensive posture is doomed to failure.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

In the past, having a “training” for employees may have been enough to inform them of any suspicious attacks. Nowadays malicious emails may not seem as obvious, as hacking tactics are getting more and more sophisticated. This is where Cyber Security Awareness Training comes in to play.

Continuous simulated phishing campaigns allow for you can see which of your users are more prone to clicking on suspicious emails. These phishing campaigns are constantly updated to reflect the most recent and most common threats. Expose your employees to the latest attack techniques. Teach them to recognize the subtle clues and help stop email fraud, data loss, and brand damage. Embed learning into your everyday business processes with customized simulations that test and reinforce good behavior.

In addition, this solution provides ongoing training modules. These can be delivered as soon as the need is identified, using a built-in workflow engine. For example, you can use a landing page for in-the-moment training when someone performs an unsafe action as part of a mock phishing campaign. You can also send training invitations to specific employees based on their past actions and risk profile. Plus, you can schedule training invitations and post on-demand training on your intranet.

The robust reporting capabilities allow you to easily access user training completions, phish-prone percentage, compliance reports and more. Over a 12-month period, phish-prone percentages typically drops from 15.9% down to 1.2%!

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