Mon, April 25, 2016

Quantum Ink

IT Success Story

When Quantum Ink recognized that they needed a reliable voice and IT partner, selecting Centrality was an easy choice. The company was growing and they needed for all of their locations to be included in an on-going IT support model, as well as an integrated voice solution. Through strategic planning and collaboration with Quantum Ink’s team, Centrality was able to create a solution that provided peace of mind and demonstrate the expertise and reliability that they needed.

The Technology Assessment

Quantum Ink is a leading manufacturer of ink for printing processes. With headquarters in Louisville, KY and additional locations in Maryland and Texas, they were growing a a pace that their existing IT vendor could not keep up with and was failing to provide the support that they needed. The response time to resolve issues was much too long, in turn leading to increased downtime and lost production. Quantum’s Controller, Josh Hoskins, served as the contact liaison – any and all contact that was needed with their IT partner would go through him. Quantum saw that Centrality had the knowledge and expertise to provide business-class solutions and a higher level of support.

Custom-Tailored Solution

During the initial assessment, Centrality uncovered that Quantum had a lack of proactive support being performed – they were constantly in reactive break-fix mode. Everything being done from an IT perspective was to fix an issue, not get in front of small problems before they grow to be impactful to the business. The requirements were simple – a partner that could provide an on-going support services model for PC help desk, server support and proactive planning. Centrality introduced Managed Services and a VoIP telecommunications solution, to be able to remotely manage their servers, workstations, and other IT peripheral equipment.

Impactful Results

By utilizing Managed Services, the HelpDesk agent empowered their users to be able to contact Centrality directly if there is an issue. This eliminates the need for Josh to be the go-to person for all things IT related, so he can focus on running the business. Response time is much quicker, and downtime has been greatly reduced.

The project is a success because our network is running better. Steve Cox and the engineers have a better understanding of what we are doing and how we are moving forward as well as the reliability of our network.

Josh Hoskins, Controller Quantum Ink

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