Wed, December 11, 2013

Has Office Efficiency Gone Out the Window?

Have you recently found yourself wondering where your employers are? Or are you taking messages for workers who may or may not be in the building?

Is there a constant struggle to gather a handful of employees together for a meeting due to out-of-the-office commitments and conflicting schedules?

What about that important document you have been working on for days?  Countless revisions and collaborations back and forth with a co-worker. As you near the end of the project, you open what seems like the 90th email update on the project. However, only to find it’s not the latest version. Where did it go? Panic sets in.

Do More with Office 365

If any number of these scenarios sounds familiar, your business could use a solution provider like Microsoft. With Microsoft’s latest software solution, relief on the office front can be achieved with the integration of Office 365 into your business strategies.

In just six months since its release, Microsoft Office 365 has already amassed over 2 million consumers subscribing to Office 365 Home Premium. Labeled the number one business productivity solution, this program is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability in an explosion of possibility.

If you want to stop trying to track down employees on the go, schedule a video conferencing meeting within days of the suggestion, and actually edit the document you just finished and not the version you submitted two months ago, then your business needs Microsoft Office 365.

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