Fri, May 29, 2020

What’s The New Normal For Your Business?

Will your employees fully return to the office once the disruption caused by the pandemic ends, or will some of your staff continue to work from home as part of your New Normal? Covid-19 rapidly accelerated the work-from-home trend as businesses rushed to adopt remote working, but even now, when workers can return, it likely won’t happen overnight.

The momentum from the sudden changes made the Covid-19 induced emergency become a fixture of modern life. Companies who didn’t have adequate systems were suddenly winging it, and discovering a temporary solution is not an answer. Additionally, this new norm has introduced security problems, and attackers took advantage of human weaknesses. Even when closures were lifted, this permanently-forced-shift in working patterns found employees not ready to return to the physical office.

There is one simple, safe answer to this New Normal – Cloud Services. Businesses now require agility to manage an on-demand variability of work between physical offices and virtual workspaces. The Cloud provides a resilient foundation of any time, anywhere infrastructure that is critical in uncertain times, and will continue to play a pivotal role even when businesses return to their offices. Cloud solutions bring productivity to new levels, while data remains completely safe. Plus, businesses are supplied with a secure solution to keep their data streamline and protected.

Centrality can help you figure out your New Normal with our CompleteCloud – a worry-free answer. Whether you have workers ultimately coming back or your staff functions between work and home or your team works entirely at home, we can provide Cloud solutions to keep your business secure and efficient. Our team is dedicated to providing the very best IT solutions from private Cloud, cybersecurity, managed services, and data protection; we tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact us at 502-267-2552 to learn more.

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