Tue, September 24, 2013

What You Didn’t Know You Could Get With VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIPThe evolution of our phone capabilities is incredible. From taking a phone message with a pen on sticky note, to reading an email transposed from a live voicemail, technology is changing and improving rapidly. Today, the main proponent of this change has been Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which has revolutionized the traditional phone system and converted it to a digital system that has a huge impact on the business environment. There are several key VoIP features that may come with your system without an extra cost.


VoIP Features

Voicemail/Call Forwarding

Most small businesses don’t answer the phone 24 hours. Did you know that most leading VoIP providers offer the ability to convert phone messages into emails? A good VoIP solution will also provide your business with a feature called Find Me/Follow Me. This is a call forwarding feature that allows users to receive calls regardless of their location or phone number. Employees are reachable even when they are outside of the office.


Do Not Disturb is an important feature for those who want to avoid the interruption of phone calls. This feature is very helpful for those who work with clients on a regular basis or hold conference calls. Many VoIP systems offer advanced DND features like the ability to send calls to directly voicemail or transfer to another available employee.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is almost a necessity. The best VoIP systems go further than just a conference call, they also enable users to send files, chat messages, collaborate on calendars, share presentations, and even share desktops. Some vendors call this feature Unified Communication.

Auto Attendant

With this feature, your business can set up a system where a caller can easily contact different departments or even a live operator with the design of a menu type system.

Call Recording

If your company operates in an industry that is regulated, you may find it necessary to record calls. You may also want to record calls to track customer satisfaction and questions. A good VoIP system will allow the user to record calls, often with the click of a mouse. Many times you can also store them in an audio format to replay or reference later.

Can your company can benefit from the features that VoIP offers? Let Centrality fill you in on all of its features and how it can broaden your business capabilities.


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