Wed, September 18, 2013

What is Structured Data Cabling?

Data cabling may look like a mess of cords and wires all jumbled up in a colorful pile to the average onlooker. However, to the networking professional structured data cabling is actually the core of a properly functioning multimedia system.

Structured data cabling is the foundation of any business network, the pathway to transmit data, video, and voice information. This infrastructure provides connectivity to your servers, computers, and other network devices. This then routes voice, data, and multimedia traffic through your network and out to the world. Just as you would not construct a building without first installing a solid foundation, you should not build a network without first designing and building a solid cabling infrastructure.

100% of your company voice and data travels across cable. Yet is one of the most commonly overlooked but critical elements of your network infrastructure. Without the proper cabling, your network can not run at its full potential. Approximately 75% of network faults are cable related, due mostly to incorrect installation procedures. Improper cabling can cause network problems like latency, unnecessary packet re-transmission that causes network congestion, data corruption, and crosstalk.

Today’s IP convergence, video streaming, and other multi-media applications are driving the need for high quality cabling solutions capable of supporting current and future applications. With high expectations and industry demand, your business doesn’t have time to deal with networking problems.

Whether a single office or a single story building, Centrality can help you stay competitive and connected in the world of multimedia. Contact our professionals today and find out if your cabling needs an overhaul. Ask us if we can offer you a free consultation for your business networking needs.


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