Thu, September 26, 2013

What is Interactive Intelligence?

Interactive Intelligence, GenesysInteractive Intelligence is a software company that provides unified global business communication solutions. This includes call centers, business process automation software, and IP (Internet Protocol) telephony for mid-size to large organizations.

The standards-based IP software unifies every aspect of your business communications in these specific areas:

Contact Call Center

Interactive Intelligence offers the choice of a complete on-premise solution or a cloud-based solution at a fixed monthly cost. Another option is managed service, where Centrality does it all. You can seamlessly migrate your cloud-based solution to your own site at any time without incurring downtime or losing your applications. This is an all-in-one approach to customer care that has many advantages including real-time monitoring and full-time operational visibility. It also gives customers their choice of contact options including voice, email, fax, and chat as well as SMS, business objects, and social media. Customers are able to connect faster with a knowledgeable agent and develop and manage outbound campaigns to build brand and customer loyalty.

Unified Communications

Solutions for the modern enterprise scale from a hundred to tens of thousands of users. Customer Interaction Center™(CIC) for Unified Communications provides a complete communications system for your business users. Combine voice, unified messaging, presence, IM, and more along with remote and mobile access. CIC also includes advanced applications for your contact center, like IVR, recording, workforce management, and multi-site routing. Unified communications eliminate complexity by replacing multiple hardware-based systems with a single, all-in-one communications platform and application suite. Security is also increased with advanced voice encryption methods and fewer access points for system break-ins.

Business Process Automation

Customers expect excellence when interacting with your business. Interaction Process Automation (IPA) provides a more intelligent foundation for improving customer-facing processes. IPA applies proven communications technologies and practices that will optimize processes for interaction management and customer service. IPA enables companies to streamline complex business processes. It applies these proven communication technologies to prioritize, route, escalate, track, and manage processes through the entire process lifecycle. This approach to automation offers significant benefits including increased processing speed and quality. In addition, it provides a seamless connection among internal employees and with the customer.

The products of Interactive Intelligence converge uniquely to improve operational performance and create an enhanced customer experience. For information on how Centrality can introduce you to these business benefits, schedule a consultation. A member of our team will assist you with a free business analysis.

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