Wed, February 5, 2014

Benefits of Virtualization

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When you look at virtualizing your infrastructure, there are many benefits and savings that can result for the business. While hardware and energy expenses are the obvious savings, organizations sometimes overlook the reductions in operating costs. Managing multiple applications and servers not only takes time, but it also hinders you from important project work and development hours. The savings can be drastic, especially in organizations that have multiple locations to manage and maintain across the country or globe.   

The ability to easily manage your applications, voice, and UC as one interface simplifies administration. It makes managing, monitoring, and the deploying of policy compliance easier as installations can be created from standard images.

There are also IT benefits as it relates to the support of remote sites. Managing geographically dispersed servers and applications with remote staff can become very expensive. In addition, the lack of consistency across the enterprise in databases and administration will create problems. The common server infrastructure and application can reduce the remote site IT support staff requirements and provide a more consistent look across the network.

Backing up all of your applications, voice, and unified communications at your remote sites can play a critical role with load balancing and fail-over.  This can add tremendous benefits to your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

The benefits of virtualization go far beyond this discussion; however, they do address a few ways that virtualization impacts operating costs. All organizations are striving to do more with less. Virtualization is a great way to improve and move towards lowering costs and increasing profits.

To learn more about how virtualization can save your business money, contact Centrality. We will be glad to help your business become more productive.


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