Wed, March 30, 2022

Version 100 In Chrome And Firefox 

Chrome and Firefox will reach version 100 in a couple of months. This has the potential to cause breakage on sites that rely on identifying the browser version to perform business logic.  This notification covers the timeline of events, the strategies that Chrome and Firefox are taking to mitigate the impact, and how your business can stay ahead of this impending update and avoid potential business interruption. 

Major version 100—three-digit version number

Major version 100 is a big milestone for both Chrome and Firefox. It also has the potential to cause breakage on websites as we move from a two-digit to a three-digit version number.  Web developers use all kinds of techniques for parsing these strings, from custom code to using User-Agent parsing libraries, which can then be used to determine the corresponding processing logic. The User-Agent and any other version reporting mechanisms will soon report a three-digit version number.

Version 100 timelines

Version 100 browsers will be first released in experimental versions (Chrome Canary, Firefox Nightly), then beta versions, and then finally on the stable channel.

Chrome (Release Schedule)March 29, 2022
Firefox (Release Schedule)May 3, 2022

What your business can do to stay ahead of this impending update  and avoid potential business interruption. 
Every strategy that adds complexity to the User-Agent string has a strong impact on the ecosystem. Let’s work together to avoid yet another quirky behavior. In Chrome and Firefox Nightly, you can configure the browser to report the version as 100 right now and report any issues you come across.

Configure Chrome to report the major version as 100

Go to chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-100

Set the option to `Enabled`.

Test and file reports

If you are browsing the web and notice any issues with the major version 100, file a report on

If you are a website maintainer, test your website with Chrome and Firefox 100. Review your User-Agent parsing code and libraries, and ensure they are able to handle three-digit version numbers. We have compiled some of the patterns that are currently breaking.

If you are using Firefox Nightly please review the following link for additional detail 

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