Tue, March 22, 2016

Utility Based Services Structure

In recent years, there are increasingly more services that have stepped away from the traditional up-front capital cost and are moving towards a utility – based model. Much like how we pay monthly for gas, electric, etc., IT services are also moving to a monthly fee based on number of users and services provided. This makes budget planning for the year much easier, as IT services are now more predictable. So what are some options to move to this per user monthly fee structure? Here are 3 that Centrality offers:

  1. Complete Cloud – Centrality’s Complete Cloud is an all-inclusive, cloud-based platform for all of your IT services needs. This is a per user monthly fee structure that is the most robust of Centrality’s support platforms that is truly a utility-based model. Complete Cloud includes a 100% hardware refresh for your entire organization – that means servers, PC’s, switches, firewalls, down to the mouse and keyboard. All Microsoft software is included, as well as your connectivity and storage. Disaster recovery and backup is also covered, as all of your data is located in redundant data centers with real-time backup. One of the more prominent benefits of Complete Cloud is the mobility factor – you can now access your network with a simple login from any device without dealing with sluggish VPN or terminal servers. No data is stored locally on the device, so there is also an added level of security. Again, by utilizing Complete Cloud, all of your IT needs are taken care of without any capital expenditures – saving headaches in making sure that the budget doesn’t get busted from unexpected IT costs.
  2. Managed Services – Managed Services is another IT services platform that is based on a per user / per month structure. Server patching, preventative maintenance and monitoring, anti-virus, and remote help desk are all elements of managed services. Instead of waiting until an issue arises, managed services prevents issues from happening, reducing downtime duration and impact so you can focus on your core production and not IT. Customers have the option of choosing between a la carte or fully managed services based on their organization’s needs. Some businesses may have an internal IT staff that works more with help desk and day-to-day issues, and only needs an outside IT partner to assist with maintaining their servers. Others may not have an IT team at all, and rely completely on an IT partner for their needs. No matter your IT team structure, managed services is customized to your business at a predictable monthly per user/server cost.
  3. Software Application Subscriptions (Office 365) – Office 365 is the perfect segway in moving your business’ IT services to the utility model. With options to purchase 1 year upfront or monthly recurring, Office 365 allows for your business to always stay up to date with the latest versions of the Office Suite etc. as well as Microsoft support included with your subscription. With various options to choose from, Office 365 has a plan that will fit your business needs.

To learn more about leveraging one of these service offerings and have a predictable IT cost, call Centrality today.

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