Mon, April 18, 2016

Unlock the Keys to Security and Productivity with MDM

How are you managing BYO or corporate-owned devices?

As mobility is an increasingly necessary part of businesses today (as you may have read in our previous blog post), accessing corporate information such as email, documents, applications, websites, etc. is commonly done on personal devices. There are benefits – one being able to access information from anywhere at any time – and there are struggles – namely device security – that prompt hesitation in deploying a BYOD plan. Mobile Device Management with IBM’s Maas 360 takes those uncertainties out of the equation.

Maas360 is an easy to use, cloud-based platform that allows for you to manage and secure corporate owned and BYO devices. Below are some key reasons to implement an MDM platform with Centrality:

Security and Compliance Management

Maas360 provides end-to-end security and compliance management capabilities to continuously monitor and manage devices. This includes requiring passcode policies as well as setting device restrictions on applications, features, and websites. Devices can be located, locked and wiped clear of corporate information and access remotely, which lowers the risk of compromising this data if a device is lost or stolen. For those employees who utilize their personal devices for work, corporate data can be segregated and removed while keeping personal data intact. All of these measures ensure that the risk of this sensitive data being compromised is little to none, while maintaining privacy and a positive user experience for employees.

 Seamless Enrollment and Integration

Because this is a cloud-based MDM platform, deployment and maintenance costs are greatly reduced as well. Enterprise system integration is easy and straightforward through the MaaS360 Cloud Extender, without the need for on-premises servers or network reconfigurations. Maas360 integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Notes and leverages existing Active Directory and Certificate Authorities. With Centrality managing and monitoring your mobile devices and/or managed services, your organization’s IT team can start using its specialized skills for higher-value enterprise initiatives—instead of tending to another server.

Delivering the Best Possible User Experience

By deploying a mobile device management program, the ultimate goal is to increase productivity in a secure fashion. An advantage of Maas360 in comparison to other platforms is the fact that enrollment and set-up of devices is quick and seamless, causing less downtime for employees. The ability to access and collaboarate with co-workers in sharing business documents, applications etc. from their mobile device, and even sync across multiple mobile devices, at any time also makes for a more productive and efficient organization.


We understand that the needs of every business are different, so why have only 1 plan to choose from? Maas360 provides multiple bundles that are customized based on the features that are required and important to you. Ask Centrality for more information about which plan is right for your organization.

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