Mon, May 2, 2016

Univerge 3C Review – Innovate the Way You Work

The ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate within an organization provide many benefits to not only individual work productivity, but also to an organization’s overall revenue. In last week’s webinar, we uncovered 5 different areas of NEC’s Univerge 3C platform that allow SMB’s to increase their overall efficiency and create a more productive workforce.

Just in case you missed it, here is the Univerge 3C Review:

  1. User Centric
    Univerge 3C is all about the user and their individual preferences. Users now have the ability to tie multiple devices together for intelligent call handling. This includes seamlessly handing off calls between devices, setting preferences to when the device rings based on presence and time of day. In addition, eliminate the need to give out multiple numbers like desk and mobile numbers. Now only 1 number will ensure that no matter where or on what device you are able to answer that important call.
  2. Enhanced Unified Communications
    Having a higher-level insight into your organization greatly improves efficiency. Being able to see who is available and the details of their location (out of the office, on the phone, on vacation etc.) provides an advantage internally as well as better customer service. The UC Client is not only available on a desktop, but also on mobile devices which allows for flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.
  3. Collaboration
    Do you have multiple office locations? Or a customer who is in another state or even another country? With the collaboration capabilities of Univerge 3C, geography is no longer a limitation. Users can share information in real time whether working together on a project or presentation or even through video and Instant Messaging. Meetings can be set instantaneously or on a recurring basis through a standard web browser (no plug-ins to install). This greatly reduces travel costs, and increases employee satisfaction and production as they are able to get the job done faster.
  4. Software vs. Hardware
    In typical business phone solutions, the command center is comprised of hardware and usually stands alone from your other IT systems. Univerge 3C is software-based, and can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. Whether directly installed on a server or in a virtual environment, Univerge 3C is meant to be flexible with the needs of your organization.
  5. Deployment
    Due to being a software-based platform, updates are quick and seamless. No more hardware upgrades when new versions are available, just upgrades to the existing software with no downtime or interruption to communication.

Click here to watch the recorded presentation.

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