Wed, January 17, 2018

Spectre & Meltdown – How are you protected?

As you may have heard in the news, a flaw has been discovered in Intel processors made for over the last two decades that has led to two potential vulnerabilities. These hardware vulnerabilities have been named Spectre & Meltdown. While there is currently no evidence that this vulnerability has led to data being modified or deleted, this flaw leaves a computer open to the potential of data being stolen. For instance, sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and financial data are the obvious target.

Centrality is working with our vendors to execute their defined remediation.

Managed Security AV Defender Clients

An update was pushed out yesterday by Solarwinds to the AV Defender Product. This update was specifically engineered to help protect you from this risk.


Managed Patching Clients 

Microsoft has released security updates that are being pushed out to your computers and servers by our Solarwinds Managed Services tools. Again, these updates are specifically engineered to add a level of protection against these exploits. Only computers/ servers with Intel processors will get these updates.


Full Managed Services Clients

In most cases, the above information applies to our full Managed Services Clients, which includes Response Center (helpdesk) coverage. As always, for any concerns please open a ticket using the Helpdesk Icon or by sending an email to


Barracuda Managed Firewall & Cloud Essentials Clients

While Barracuda does use Intel processors, Barracuda products prohibit the execution of untrusted code. In our discussion with Barracuda, they have told us that this prohibition creates a compensating control that protects our customers from these vulnerabilities. They are keeping a close eye on the remediation solutions evolving in the community, and will phase in additional solutions through software updates when appropriate.

Centrality is also keeping a close eye on developments in this area. The security of your data is our number one priority.


Security and Support in Moving Forward

This is just one example of the service level that we provide for our Managed Services customers. If you are not currently in a Managed Services Agreement with us and are interested in learning more, please give us a call at (502) 267-2552.

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