Wed, October 7, 2015

Top 5 SMB Technology Mistakes

Technology can be a challenge, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Sometimes the CFO or the Office Manager also ends up wearing the IT hat. In other instances there may not be an IT staff internally, and an outside vendor is relied upon. Over the course of our 23 year history, we have seen various technology mistakes that SMB’s tend to make.

Top 5 SMB Technology Mistakes:


Not having your data backed up may seem like a rookie move, but there are still businesses making this fatal mistake.  Ultimately, only backing up on-premise presents obvious inherent risks, so it’s important to have a DR plan in place. Centrality utilizes state-of-the-art data centers to back up all of your data in the safest way, constantly syncing your work remotely and storing copies in multiple locations. Think of it as insurance for your data.


Security has and will continue to be a top IT concern for businesses everywhere – hackers, viruses, and phishing are all out there looking to make a buck by stealing or compromising your data . Especially when working with sensitive client information, it is crucial to be at the forefront of the leading security practices. Centrality has implemented customized security protocols for its clients, each behind unique firewalls in their own private cloud, as well as video surveillance, bio-metric access and round-the-clock guards monitoring our data centers.


Software companies are now pushing to get their users to upgrade to the latest and greatest versions of their applications—sometimes even making old versions impossible to use. Many times, small businesses skimp out on upgrading the hardware to support the latest software due to the high costs and not having the budget to spend. With Complete Cloud, not only does Centrality refresh your equipment at no additional cost, but we also upgrade your virtual machine “hardware” remotely and frequently.


With 75% of all internet users on social networking sites, you’re missing your customer by not engaging with them where they now spend so much of their time. If you’re a small business with an undeveloped social media presence, this is an easy way to expand your presence with free marketing.


A strong IT foundation with qualified, professional support is essential to the health of a business in this age of technology. There’s too much on the line to not have quality, customized support whenever you need it to solve any IT problems you might encounter. Centrality offers 24/7 tech support for all of your IT needs.


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