Tue, June 14, 2016

Boost Productivity with Skype for Business

Skype for Business is more than just instant messaging – it’s a productivity booster! Many people already know how to operate Skype. With Skype for Business communicating and collaborating with colleagues and clients is just as easy. Why should you consider adding Skype to your business applications?

Better Insight Into Your Organization

At a quick glance, Skype for Business lets you know if someone in your organization is available, or if they’re in a meeting or away from their desk. The ability to see someone’s presence in real time is a huge advantage especially when it comes to customer service. Sending a quick IM to a colleague if they have a client waiting or need to ask a quick question betters internal communication as well as helps in building customer relationships.

Cost Savings

How much do you spend each year travelling to other office locations or to setting client meetings out of state? With Skype for Business, you don’t have to worry about the hotel rooms, flights, and other travel expenses. Video conferencing and screen sharing make collaborating on projects or presentations more convenient and efficient, and you can meet with up to 250 people! Employees have more flexibility to work from anywhere when they have access to Skype. Even if they are away from the office, they can still feel connected and communicate with their co-workers.

Ease of Use

Because Skype is already a very familiar platform to most, Skype for Business makes for an easy addition to your current Microsoft applications. Skype integrates with Outlook to set meetings. Just select the “New Skype Meeting” icon in your calendar along with the date, time and any meeting details. Employees can also communicate across platforms and devices without the limitations of geography or time.

Ask Centrality today about Skype for Business, and what Office 365 plan would be right for your organization.

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