Wed, August 12, 2020

Should You Use EDR To Protect Your Business?

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR, uses artificial intelligence to stop advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point – the endpoint. Antivirus isn’t enough to protect data, and traditional antivirus programs are more simplistic and limited in scope compared to the modern EDR systems. These newer systems serve a much more significant role by providing comprehensive protection against digital threats.

Hackers are now capable of creating malware with continuously evolving codes which can easily bypass traditional antiviruses. EDR systems detect all endpoint threats and provide a real-time response to the identified risks. This solution continuously monitors all the endpoints of your digital perimeter, both online and offline. The data collected facilitates investigations and incident response, and it is mapped against the security threats for the detection of threats. If a threat occurs, the rollback attack compromised data is replaced with pre-attack healthy data. So, the rollback is to the actual point of attack and not just the last version saved. Here are some additional pointers on how EDR can protect you.

Help Prevent Cyberattacks
– Protect against the latest threats without waiting for recurring scans or updates to definition signatures
– Respond to endpoint threats in near real-time
– Enforces policy-driven protection tailored to your business and allows or blocks USB and endpoint traffic to determine the appropriate response

Easy To Roll Out And Configure
– Use rules to automate how EDR is deployed
– Deploy EDR to Windows® and macOS® devices
– Leverage PSA workflows to manage EDR alerts
– Manage EDR licenses with the License Usage report

Detect Threats With Behavioral AI
– Easily determine how and when an attack began
– View summaries or detailed threat information from a single dashboard

Responds Effectively Through Automation
– Automate responses for quick threat containment
– Remediate attacks by reversing the effects
– Rollback attacks by replacing compromised files with pre-attack healthy versions (Windows OS only)

EDR solutions provide real-time responses to different potential threats. You can see the possible attacks and threats as they evolve in the network environments and can monitor it in real-time. This real-time response feature of EDR solutions will only cut off the attack in its initial stages before it becomes critical for the network. To learn more about how EDR can keep your business safe, contact Centrality at 502-267-2552.

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