Mon, March 9, 2020

Security Access Requirements That Travel With Your Files

Centrality Introduces DAtAnchor:
Data loss can come from cybercriminals on the network, or they can come from insiders. Nearly 70% of employees report leaving companies with data. DAtAnchor protects against these situations when sensitive data ends up where it shouldn’t be.

DAtAnchor enables organizations to control when, where, and by whom their data is accessed while maintaining total transparency for the user. The security access requirements travel with your files, so you determine access by creating boundaries or rules.

DAtAnchor encrypts and restricts access to data based on boundaries or business rules you create. The boundaries can be physical, such as requiring a user to be joined to your network locally or virtually through Wi-Fi/cloud connectivity. The encryption runs in the background unbeknownst to the user. Access can be revoked instantaneously and relegate existing data files unreadable regardless of the current location of the data.
With DAtAnchor, security requirements travel with the file wherever it may go, regardless of email, document management system, cloud, application platform, or whether the file was taken on a USB drive. It works by attaching security requirements, or “Anchors,” to the file itself rather than placing unrestricted files in a secure folder or location. These Anchors are a set of boundary requirements for access that must be met to unlock the file from military-grade encryption.

Examples of Anchors can include organizational requirements such as groups or roles, or geo-location parameters such as company Wi-Fi proximity, proximity to the user’s mobile phone or IoT device for two-factor authentication. This security process is made entirely transparent to the end-user such that sharing of data between authorized parties is quickly and safely facilitated without the worry of data loss as data in transit, use, and at rest remains encrypted. Users change nothing in the way they work and use applications.

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