Wed, June 9, 2021

Return to Normal Stronger And Safer

While everything changed over the last year, as businesses return to full speed and return to normal stronger, they need to address the basics by examining their IT management and security. There wasn’t a blueprint for moving so many people to remote work, and there isn’t a blueprint for moving employees back. However, this moment is not to be lost, and those who step up and invest in their IT protection and Managed Services will be better off and far ready to move forward than those who do not.

Speed matters in business, and during the Covid-19 crisis, companies had to work faster and better than they dreamed possible. Maintaining that sense of possibility will be an enduring competitive advantage; however, it was not without flaws in IT security. Most businesses had just to accept the results of these changes, whether they were good or bad. So as business networks ready for returning staff, the question is: are there adequate security measures in place to ensure systems are protected from the increased risk of cyberattack? Now is the time to know how safe you are, or are not, as you move from the “accepted new normal” and return to normal by exploring higher security options through Managed Services and layered security. 

For the majority, there was a frenzy to equip their employees with the required machines to enable a quick and adequate working-from-home setup. Computers used for remote working have confidential company data stored, and likely this computer was shared with family members who possibly visited insecure websites or installed insecure software. In addition, there is no guarantee that the equipment has been patched and maintained over these recent months. So, now there is the potential abundance of employee hardware lacking the necessary security connecting back to a company’s corporate network. This move risks sensitive data being exposed to cyberattacks, making it time for businesses to invest in risk assessments and cybersecurity layers and put best practices in place before their networks are hacked. 

Cybercriminals are well aware of employee environments and seek to target attacks to areas that have become vulnerable. This is obvious with the spike of phishing attacks themed around working from home, and now it will continue to evolve around workforce changes and return to work environments. 

We can get your business prepared for now and the future when employees return to your network. Our services will step up your network monitoring, update your security, and, most critically, monitor the activities of the people within your network. Unfortunately, people pose the most significant business risk if they don’t have ongoing support regarding cyber-security awareness. Contact us for details at 502.267.2552. 

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