Wed, December 9, 2020

Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies For Small Businesses In 2021

Cybersecurity needs to be a proactive strategy. While making plans for 2021, consider including an investment in your security before something happens rather than waiting to respond to a security crisis. The fact is, all small businesses face a relatively high risk of being targeted. With even a modest investment in cybersecurity defenses, your business will be able to ward off or minimize the majority of potential attacks in 2021. Here are some thoughts to consider:

Network Security
Network security strategies are all about preventing unauthorized use and misuse of your computer network–in other words, the devices and data controlled by your network administrator. Having Real-Time protection from cyberattacks is no longer optional – it is a necessity since new threats are continually emerging and compromising business data daily, if not hourly. The right cybersecurity should be a top priority for every business because when appropriate cybersecurity policies and procedures are put into place and followed, companies can cease their vulnerability. 

Cloud Security
The cloud is all about keeping your infrastructure, applications, and data security. More and more small businesses are turning to the cloud. However, not all are alike, so it’s essential to choose cloud platforms and applications that offer the highest security level and have built-in safeguards to protect against vulnerabilities. Our CompleteCloud is the most secure, private cloud solution on the market and gives companies the ability to rethink paying, accessing and supporting IT needs.

Data Backup 
It’s always a good idea to have multiple backups of your business’s data, and you should have a backup plan should a crisis occur. Backing up with Centrality’s reliable Data Recovery solution is the only secure answer in today’s world of system failures, natural disasters, aggressive ransomware, and other cyber threats. 

Limit Access
It also makes sense to segment and limits employee access to systems and data owned by your company. Using Anchor allows universal, transparent encryption – meaning you have control of who, when, and where your data is accessed using any access criteria you can imagine. It ensures sensitive information is unable to leave your business without consent, regardless of where it is consumed. Anchor encrypts and restricts access based on dynamic boundaries set by your company management.

Employee Training
Most security attacks result from poor employee decisions – such as falling for a phishing scheme, volunteering login information due to social engineering, or choosing a weak and easily guessable password. Using our cybersecurity awareness training, we spend time training your employees by teaching them about typical schemes and educating them on Cybersecurity practices.

Have A Cybersecurity Culture
Going into 2021, cybersecurity should be one of your highest priorities – since a single breach could cost your company thousands, if not millions. When your entire team is working together on the same goal, and everyone takes cybersecurity seriously, you’ll have a much higher success rate. Make the investment and plan into your financial budget a 2021 strategy to keep your business safe. Contact us at 502.267.2552 to how we can help you.

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