Mon, July 2, 2018

Manufacturing & IT Compliance

Compliance regulations ensure that polices and procedures are in place and are followed relevant to the specific business. Especially over the last 2-3 years, IT infrastructure and cybersecurity have taken a large role in a majority compliance audits and standards. In this blog post, we will be focusing on some of the regulations that organizations in the manufacturing space may adhere to, and how Centrality can assist in maintaining manufacturing IT compliance.


A Few of the Compliance Regulations for Manufacturers


IT & Cyber Security for Manufacturers

A few of the regulations mentioned above ensure that the quality of good, especially food and pharmaceuticals, are produced and maintained according to set standards. Although Centrality is not a certified expert in these compliancy regulations, we have many customers that need to meet certain compliance criteria. We assist them in ensuring that they have the technology solutions in place for these regulations.

Some of the main IT audit questions revolve around regular patching of systems, anti-virus on servers and workstations, ensuring that perimeter security (i.e. firewall, wireless) have security features. However, one of the main concerns revolves around email security. Email is the primary method in which cyber threats are sent, and is a considered a high risk for cyber threats. This risk increases especially if employees are not properly trained to know what to look for in a suspicious email. Ask us for a consultation to ensure that your network meets the criteria specified by your organization or any required compliance regulations.

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