Tue, April 12, 2022

Managed Backup Recovers Your Business Data Fast

Your business runs on vast volumes of data. You probably couldn’t even operate a full day without it. So, chances are, you’re backing up your data regularly.

However, not all backup strategies are equal. In fact, some approaches can expose you to greater risks caused by everyday calamities, such as IT equipment or software failures or outages, theft or loss of IT devices, extreme weather, data corruption issues, or ransomware.

If you aren’t backing up at all, your need is even more urgent, as one major event could wipe out all your data. Your business relies on technology?from the servers that power your business to the laptops, desktops, drives, and business applications your team uses. That’s why system outages are so challenging.

They also come with high costs. For most small and medium-sized business owners, IT outages can significantly harm profitability. Teams can’t work, and customers don’t buy your products and services.

And, everyone is afraid of ransomware, and for good reason. An attack can freeze up your systems and make your data inaccessible.

But did you know that cyber attackers sometimes come back for more? In an industry survey, one in two IT professionals said they had been hit by multiple ransomware attacks.

If you’ve survived a ransomware attack, you know how important good backup is. Unfortunately, local backup solutions won’t usually work because they’re frozen by the attack, and many ransomware variants delete local backups to prevent recovery. Cloud backup can restore your data, but you’ll need to make sure all of your devices are covered, and it may take longer than you want.

If you want a comprehensive, set-and-forget backup strategy, managed backup is your best bet. Centrality can help you back up all your devices multiple times a day, and quickly restore your data at the first sign of trouble?no matter how many times that trouble comes knocking. Contact us at 502.262.2552 for details.

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