Wed, August 25, 2021

Let Us Tackle Your Security So You Can Focus on Your Business

Accounts of IT breaches and ransomware attacks land almost daily on the front page of newspapers and as lead stories in nightly news broadcasts. The question business leaders like you are asking these days is, “How serious is the threat to my company and what should I be doing now?”

Cybercriminals and their tactics evolve every day. You already know how challenging it is to stay up to date and keep your systems fortified against malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. It’s an endless battle and a drain on your time. Let us deploy and manage a full stack of cutting-edge IT security tools to give you the confidence to work on projects with greater ROI.

Many assume because they aren’t in a supply chain related to national defense or energy or aren’t a large company with mountains of data, that they’re safe. Putting IT security best practices as an example, multifactor authentication (MFA), in place adds a layer of defense against cybercriminals gaining access with a stolen or cracked password. It’s simple to implement and is a powerful tool in the fight against ransomware.

You’ve hired some of the most talented people in your field to get work done and help you grow your business. While they may be competent with day-to-day computer issues, they shouldn’t have to learn or perform their own IT security and support either. Partnering with our team of IT professionals allows your employees to get away from IT issues and fully
leverage their industry skills.

Every business leader faces time constraints. It can feel like you’re a rubber band stretched to the breaking point.  Our team of IT professionals works with busy business executives every day, taking on IT security, maintenance and support and freeing them to tackle go-forward business initiatives. It’s how our clients find time to keep their competitive edge.

We are your single point of accountability for your IT maintenance, security, and support. There’s no need to wonder, “Who am I going to get to handle this?” You don’t have to keep putting off necessary IT maintenance work because you have more important work to do.

We are the partners that take on your burdens, so you can focus on the next steps in business. Contact us at 502.267.2552 for details on how we can help you.

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