Fri, April 24, 2020

Is Your I.T. Getting Praise?

Amid COVID-19, businesses are collapsing, and some don’t have ways to keep working while at home. From shoddy or unsafe Wi-Fi to broken communications, unprepared technology can make remote work miserable. And without an I.T. department, at-home workers are on their own with tech problems.

If your businesses’ move to work from home wasn’t flawless, we want to get you there. Centrality’s Complete Cloud’s communication was excellent and clients responded their employees using Complete Cloud were quiet and working – which is one real sign of success. So, why is Complete Cloud so successful? Here are four great answers to consider a switch:

It’s easy to add or remove resources to cloud server architecture due to its virtual nature. Complete Cloud computing is a delivery of on-demand computing services, so the fundamental building blocks of computing, such as virtual servers, storage, and networking, can be scaled up or down.

Complete Cloud servers are heavily protected to prevent data breaches. These security measures can prevent potential hardware, data, applications, and infrastructure problems. Off-site employees’ data and systems are safe. Complete Cloud’s monitoring allows immediate knowledge if anything unusual is happening and it responds immediately.

Complete Cloud is cost-efficient, easy infrastructure solutions that save businesses on management, software licensing, hardware, disaster recovery, backup solutions, and even the cost of upfront expenditures. Not only is Complete Cloud more affordable than traditional servers, but they are also faster and provide more resources to users.

Complete Cloud can run almost every software in the market and provide flexibility with peace of mind. Off-site employees use Complete Cloud from any device, including their personal computers. They work directly in Complete Cloud using its software and files, so in the end, everything stays safe in Complete Cloud regardless of the device.

We can help you get your I.T. raving praise. Contact us so we can get you running full speed on Complete Cloud. And, if you want to hear more about Centrality’s Complete Cloud powdered by Avatara’s success, click here for details!

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