Wed, February 26, 2014

Introducing MiVoice Video Unit from Mitel

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Collaboration is something that usually requires a meeting of the minds, a time consuming, face-to-face hashing out of ideas. That concept has come to an end with the innovative introduction of, UC 360 Collaboration Point, a multimedia product by Mitel that brings collaboration capabilities right to your personal meeting space. Collaboration has now become a natural part of a productive work day. Click here to watch a video and find out how you can enjoy the following Mitel MiVoice features as a routine part of your daily business experience:

  • Cloud Ready Dropbox and Google Docs
  • Audio Conferencing Built-In Four-Party Audio
  • Visual Collaboration Built-In Four-Party Video Bridge
  • Flexible Interoperability Mitel or Any Other Vendor PBX
  • In Room Presentation Remote Desktop Access

For more information on how this new product can benefit your business, contact us for a quote.


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