Mon, November 25, 2019

Four Reasons To Evaluate Your Current Email Security

According to the McAfee Report in August 2019, Ransomware attacks grew by 118%, with new ransomware families detected, and new threat actors using innovative techniques. Do you know the last time you evaluated your email security?

Unfortunately, most organizations’ IT professionals trust the security they already have in place, or they trust the security provided by their email provider (i.e., Office 365). The problem with email security breaches is they continue to happen daily, even though security solutions are designed to block them. And, most of these threats are delivered right into your company email. Here are four reasons why your email security solution needs upgrading.

Reason 1: Email is the most common IT security threat
Whether it’s malware, phishing, URL-based threats, or impostor-driven schemes, email is the primary method hackers use to deliver harmful programs to an organization. According to the SANS Cyber Security survey, an estimated 75 percent of identified, impactful threats were initiated through email attachments, and 46 percent of attacks were executed by users clicking web links in an email.

Reason 2: Email attacks can harm your entire organization
Employee email is always present. Therefore, a harmful email can slip through your defense and wreak havoc in your entire organization. No employee is exempt from the lure of phishing emails using carriers, banks, or brand names to attract opens. According to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report, Cybercrime still dominates all activity with 32% of all breaches involving phishing campaigns and 43% of breaches involving small businesses.

Reason 3: Basic anti-spam email security systems are not enough
Hackers get increasingly sophisticated every day and are finding new ways to bypass email security systems. This increase includes redirecting safe URL addresses to phishing URLs. Organizations need to meet the challenge and ensure they have the best email defenses in place to detect and stop these advanced threats. The fact is that additional layers of email security are needed on top of basic email security.

Reason 4: Email threats continue to evolve, so should your security
Since email is the main entry point for most cyber attackers, your company needs to ensure your email security is protecting the business from current, growing threats. Using a security defense that continues to evolve significantly improves an organization’s email security. Evolving email security systems rapidly recognize and block phishing attempts, so they significantly decrease the risk of a breach.

A common misconception is that only large enterprises are susceptible to cyber threats. However, 43% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized businesses because most email defense systems are reactive, not predictive. Having a robust, effective email security solution is a necessity today. At Centrality, we keep our customers safe from cyber threats — contact (Name, phone number) to learn more about our complimentary email scan.

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