Wed, April 27, 2022

Enterprise-Level Security Protection For All Businesses 

Companies large and small need to implement, maintain, and manage cybersecurity measures that protect operations and data. As an experienced MSP partner for both cybersecurity management and response, we know how critical this is to all size businesses. Nearly every company in operation today runs the bulk, or entirety, of its workflow on computerized systems. Those IT systems allow companies to increase efficiency and compete head-to-head with similar businesses worldwide. 

The downside to IT environments is that it must be secured, or everything—your data, workflow, and confidential client information is at risk. Because enterprise-level organizations have fortified their IT environments, cybercriminals have pivoted to target the low-hanging fruit of less protected, small- to mid-size companies in recent years. 43% of cyberattacks are directed toward small businesses. This is where Centrality’s team of cybersecurity professionals can step into the picture. We provide comprehensive, robust IT security measures that help you protect your Small to Mid-size company while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of digital workflow and advanced productivity tools. 

We guard against: 

– Unauthorized access to your data Phishing
– Ransomware
– Internal corporate espionage Malware (viruses) 

– Malicious hacking 

– Implement best-practice protocols

– Management of updates and patches
– Data backup and protection strategies
– Secure remote workflow access options
– Antivirus and firewall configuration and monitoring Incident response and mitigation 

Our Enterprise-class protection for your business is without the enterprise-class price tag. By partnering with our team for IT security management, your business can utilize the protective power of top-of-the-line cybersecurity tools and personnel because we can spread the high cost of enterprise-class cybersecurity tools and IT specialists across our client base. We offer best-in-breed security solutions to small and mid-size companies like yours within a simple monthly payment structure. 

The benefits of outsourcing your cybersecurity to a team of IT protection specialists are:

– Faster breach event recovery
– Increased stakeholder confidence
– Peace of mind
– Protection of brand reputation
– Access to a full stack of cybersecurity solutions and specialists
– Ability to safely utilize work-from-anywhere technologies
– Increase efficiency by eliminating nuisance phishing, adware, and spyware 

We can strengthen your weakest link with our employee cybersecurity awareness training. Untrained staff can inadvertently allow cybercriminals access to your IT systems, your company’s data, and your customers’ private information. To help mitigate this risk, our team provides an array of training options for your employees, helping them stay safe while using internet-connected or cloud-based workflow. 

Contact us today at 502.262.2552 for details on how we can help strengthen your weakest link and be your partner for both cybersecurity management and response to any cybersecurity incidents.

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