Mon, October 22, 2018

End of Life for the NEC SV8100

NEC has announced that on December 31, 2018 will the end of support and end of life for the NEC SV8100. But what does this mean if you have an SV8100, and what are some of the benefits of migrating to the SV9100?

You want to protect your investment in NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 communications system. However, you also want to take advantage of the latest software and applications to give you a competitive advantage and increase revenue. You don’t have to choose with NEC’s new migration path to the UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Platform.

Migration to the UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Platform provides enhanced features and increased capacity without a forklift of your existing SV8100 system and IP/digital telephones. This means that you save time and money. Even your current phones’ capabilities are upgraded. This simple solution effectively extends your current system’s life and ensures that your initial investment in NEC pays off for years to come.

Simple Migration

NEC embraces a “no customer left behind” philosophy. They also maintain a sincere commitment to providing customers with a cost-effective, non-disruptive, easy path to modernize your communications. Simply choose a migration path that best fits your requirements today as well as support your future growth. NEC is now offering unprecedented incentives for our SV8100 customers to modernize which further simplifies the decision to migrate.


Investment Protection

Migrating to the SV9100 protects your initial investment by providing a simple, economic way to keep your system while adding more up-to-date features that help you become more agile, compete on a larger scale and improve customer satisfaction. As a result, it lowers costs and provides a superb return on investment.


More Features and Improved Functionality

NEC’s latest UNIVERGE solutions can help your business become more productive and collaborative. When you migrate to the SV9100, you gain access to a wealth of unified communications functionality. The SV9100 allows you to take full advantage of IP capability and expands your system’s capacity up to 1296 station ports. You can add many of NEC’s latest telephones to your system. This includes NEC’s new UT880 desktop telephone which integrates a traditional telephone and a tablet into one device to provide you with an innovative, feature-packed appliance that revolutionizes the user experience.

Simplified User Licensing

NEC has streamlined and simplified its user licensing structure. The licensing structure gives both technology and financial decision makers the opportunity to anticipate user cost. In addition, it provides each employee with the license package that they need to perform their job efficiently.

The Standard License Package is designed for the regular UC user — the average employee who works in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. Each Standard user gets UC features, voicemail, and unified messaging. So he or she will be fully enabled to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device as needed.

The Premium User License Package is designed for contact center agents or UC power users that also function as attendants and operators. Each Premium user gets access to all the Standard UC features, as well as contact center, attendant, and CRM integration features. Ultimately, this gives them a more robust UC experience that easily ties into their daily business processes/business process technologies.


Assured Future System Support

Migration to the SV9100 ensures that your NEC communications solutions will be supported in the future. When you migrate to the SV9100, you need not be concerned with end of life or end of support issues for the SV8100. The life of your older system is lengthened because migration extends your support.

Features and Advantages

•Increased system size
•New modular terminals with XML capability
•Networking using UNIVERGE SV9100 Netlink
•Increased mobility via Bluetooth
•Digital DECT Terminals
•IP DECT Terminals
•WiFi 802.11
•Mobile Extension
•Unified Communications through:
•UC Suite
•Open standards, including:
•SIP stations
•SIP trunks
•Standard RFC 3261-compliant SIP stations
•Standard SIP trunks
•New and improved applications, such as:
•XML shareware
•Communication Analyst XML Reporting
•Conference Bridge on demand scheduling and recording
•UC Suite
•Video Conferencing

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