Tue, March 29, 2016

Employee Spotlight: J.P. Hansen

Meet Centrality’s newest team member, J.P. Hansen. Originally from Leitchfield, Kentucky, J.P. joined Centrality in January of 2016 as a Business Development Specialist and is already making great strides in providing clients with business IT solutions.

With a strong background in the financial industry, J.P. holds an expertise in helping business owners increase productivity and streamline operations all the while reducing costs. It’s easy to see that his friendly and outgoing personality and commitment to his work makes J.P. a joy to work with.

We sat down with J.P. to learn more about what he enjoys most about working at Centrality.


What led to your current role at Centrality?

I have been fortunate to have a successful career in the financial industry. Over the past several years as a Business Broker, I have been utilizing my management and sales expertise to help business owners evaluate, build, and sell their small to midsize businesses.  I have a track record of increasing sales, reducing costs, and streamlining operations in a wide variety of ways — one being cutting unnecessary cost on a P&L statement to maximize profitability and enhance the fair market value for the businesses that I represented.

As a Business Development Specialist with Centrality, many of these same objectives fit as I work with and evaluate my clients’ technology needs. Whether CompleteCloud, managed services, or business phone solutions, I provide recommendations and implement solutions to increase their business production and efficiency.

What do you like most about working at Centrality?

What I like most about working for Centrality is the positive work environment. Everyone is very supportive and has the common goal to strive for both individual and company-wide success. I also really like how Centrality customizes individual offerings depending on the needs of the business instead of putting them in a “one-size fits all” type of service model. Every business is different and the importance of one offering may not be the same to another business – Centrality has flexible plans to meet all business’ needs, and I believe that this is a huge differentiation in the IT industry.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Art is one of my passions, and many people may not know that I am a sketch artist. I would consider myself a people-person, I enjoy social events and meeting new people – which also happens to be an area of my job that I enjoy most. Family and friends are very important to me, and I always love spending time with them whether at sporting events, watching live music, or traveling. I am also getting married this June, my fiancée and I are looking forward to spending the day with our new family and friends.

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