Mon, August 5, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Brenda Christy

Welcome to our team, Brenda! Read more about her role at Centrality in this exclusive employee spotlight.


Brenda Christy


  1. What is your role at Centrality, and what do you do for clients?

My role as a Business Development Specialist is to build long term professional relationships with new clients by providing them with cost effective technology, network and data security solutions along with a positive ROI on their IT spend thus enabling them to meet their daily technology objectives.


  1. What do you look forward to in your new role?

It is always my goal to earn the trust and confidence of my clients at every turn, every day!  I hope my clients see me as a trusted business partner, SME and respected resource for all their business needs.


  1. What do you feel differentiates Centrality from other IT service providers?

Our people, of course!  We all consistently operate as one team in the unyielding pursuit of our clients’ satisfaction.   We truly value each individual client’s unique environment and take the time to learn about their business technology requirements so we can customize a solution specifically designed for them.


  1. Where did you grow up?

I am a Cleveland, Ohio native, I grew up on the near Westside in Lakewood.  Summers were spent playing softball or swimming at the pool and winters were for outside ice skating, hockey and football games.  I am a fierce and fearless Cleveland Browns fan!  I hope to see Cleveland make the Super Bowl in my lifetime.


  1. Before Centrality, what was your professional background?

Before I came to Centrality Business Technologies, I worked in the office equipment industry specializing in Managed Print Services, Production Print, Document Management & Workplace Software Solutions.


  1. What do you enjoy outside of work?

I spend my time volunteering and giving back to my community through Active Heroes, Riverport Business Association and of course, animal rescue!  I currently have three cats and two dogs as a result of these rescue efforts… I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that I’m not very good at it!


  1. What is something interesting others might not know about you?

I began Muay Thai or Thai Boxing training classes this year and I love it!  Muay Thai discipline is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, using eight points of contact, the body mimics weapons of war.  It is a great way to stay fit and comes in handy for self-defense.

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