Mon, August 1, 2016

Customer Spotlight – Schiller Hardware

When Schiller Hardware was looking for an IT partnership, they wanted an organization that they could trust. After 15 years, Schiller still knows that Centrality will provide the technology services they need to help them to stay competitive in the commercial door, frames and architectural hardware industry.

The Solutions

Over the years, there have been various projects and solutions. From on-premise IT support to server upgrade projects and a new phone system, Schiller has collaborated with Centrality in across the technology playing field. One of the most memorable projects was the migration to Citrix. As the business was growing, the importance to connect all of the different office locations became apparent. However, their primary application software was outdated and was not able to provide the integration that they needed.

The Centrality team worked together in providing a migration path to Citrix. At the time, this was very-forward thinking due to this enterprise-grade software used in a smaller business setting. In addition, Centrality also worked in expanding the server rack, implementing a more robust SAN as well as virtual servers early on. Currently, moving to the cloud with Office 365 is in consideration.

Long Term Thinking

The common theme among these various projects is the longevity and full vision of the solution. Schiller needed a long-term strategy. A technology plan that would provide the capabilities and growth needed to drive success. Centrality worked to ensure that Schiller would be placed at the forefront with solutions that wouldn’t only fit their needs for today, but well into the future. Reducing downtime associated with technology and increasing productivity and efficiency always being top of mind.

Why Centrality for an IT Partnership?

When we asked the customer why they chose Centrality as their IT partner, the answer was simple.

It all comes down to trust. We have had a long-term relationship. I have confidence in Centrality that when they tell me that I need something, I probably do need it. The recommendations they make are for the benefit of the company, and they will try to get the job done for the least amount of cost.

Scott McClain, Controller at Schiller Hardware


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