Tue, March 15, 2016

Communicate and Collaborate with 3C

When it comes to business phone solutions in today’s marketplace, there are more functions available than answering or making calls. Flexibility, mobility, as well as increased collaboration integrate into a single voice solution that can reduce operational costs and ramp up productivity and efficiency. NEC’s 3C solution may be one of their best products yet, as combines voice, unified communications and collaboration including Audio, Video, and Web.

Here are the top 5 reasons 3C would be a great fit for your business:

  1. Unified Communications & Mobility: Having both PC-based and mobile clients allow for users to communicate anywhere at any time. It gives users insight into their organization to monitor presence and availability of co-workers, as well as the ability to determine which devices ring (without the need for call forwarding) and move calls to and from any device.
  2. Collaboration – Effective collaboration and communication go hand in hand with the Univerge 3C. Users can easily work together through a web-based collaboration tool called the Collaboration Meeting Manager (CMM). Instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, desktop and file sharing are just some of the ways users can share information and increase business productivity.
  3. Security & Dependability – The UNIVERGE 3C platform meets even the most stringent security and interoperability requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The software architecture is certified by JITC, or Joint Interoperability Task Command. This validation is increasingly becoming critical for markets such as healthcare, government, public service, legal, finance, and others as well.
  4. Virtualization – The system is designed to be embedded in today’s IT architectures. 3C meets all of the needs of today’s IT manager for operational efficiency, security and IT governance. Working seamlessly in both data centers and cloud environments, this solution aligns with IT strategies to virtualize business communications and collaboration services.  Integration with existing systems is not only possible but encouraged because this platform is designed and built on open standards.
  5. Software-Based – The 3C platform is software-based. No more challenges or associated costs into deployment and installation of a hardware-based system. Licensing correlates with the total number of users, not location of users. Whether your organization grows or reduces in number of staff, 3C can accommodate your needs and manage costs more effectively. In addition, upgrades and modifications are seamless and instantaneous – with no hardware to change and no interruption or downtime.

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