Mon, August 8, 2016

Reduce Travel Costs with the Collaboration Meeting Manager

Do you travel often to give client presentations or attend meetings? Does your organization have multiple offices, and at times need to work together on a project? Centrality has a solution that offers the same communication and collaboration abilities without the associated time commitments and travel expenses. NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C offers a tool called the Collaboration Meeting Manager (CMM). In addition to a robust phone system with a desktop and mobile client, the CMM is also integrated within the platform. So what does this solution entail?

Real Time Information Exchange

CMM offers audio, video, and web collaboration, which allows your employees to better communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues. Multi-party video conferencing display allows for viewing of participants – the host just needs to allow webcam and microphone connection for attendees. In addition, users are also able to share PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, pictures, and videos during a conference. Once the meeting has started, files can be uploaded or downloaded and viewed by any participants on any device at any time. The whiteboard feature allows for participants to draw on these documents.

Easy Scheduling & Access of Meetings

This platform provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling and accessing meetings. Whether it is a one time meeting, or a recurring weekly or monthly meeting, there are also multiple ways of accessing the meeting. For instant meetings, participants can receive an instant message with the meeting details; for scheduled meetings, the invitees receive an Outlook calendar invite containing the URL and details of the meeting. The CMM also has an app available for download in the Apple or Android App Store, that allows mobile users to easily access the meeting.

The meeting creator will be the moderator – and they have the ability to customize their meeting preferences. Is the meeting private, or public? Do you want attendees to join in the conversation, or mute their lines? Do you want attendee names to display, or hide them? All of these can be set in the user interface while scheduling the meeting.

Meeting Details

You have had a successful meeting! Now what? If you had recorded the meeting, you now have the link to go back and listen to not only the audio, but any video or whiteboard sessions. In addition, the Collaboration Meeting Manager tracks the meeting statistics. This includes the name and contact information of participants and the duration that they joined the meeting. This is especially important in training sessions or webinars to track the success of the event or verify if an individual attended. An Excel spreadsheet of the meeting statistics is sent via email after the meeting has concluded.


Could your organization benefit from decreasing your travel expenses and increasing your overall productivity and collaboration? Ask Centrality today about NEC’s 3C and the Collaboration Meeting Manger.


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