Tue, May 10, 2016

The Cloud – Now Customized for Engineering

In the engineering and architecture industries, the ability to work productively with complex graphic files or power-intensive applications and with as little latency issues as possible are among top areas of concern. Centrality’s Complete Cloud provides a customized workflow that is a secure, scalable, mobile, and cost-effective solution. It is designed to work in conjunction with your CAD software to increase your business production and efficiency. Here are the top 3 reasons to move to Complete Cloud:

Complete Collaboration

In today’s workforce, being able to collaborate and communicate as effectively as possible is key. Engineers especially need to work together on projects, have the ability to make modifications, and gather input from multiple parties as a part of the design process. File sharing is now made easy with Complete Cloud. Grant clients or co-workers access to your files to view, edit, and send back a final draft within a matter of seconds! And having total mobility makes it possible to check out that new structure design plan whether you’re working from home or on your tablet in between meetings.

Complex Applications (CAD, Autodesk, etc.):

The majority of cloud solutions available fail to consider the inherent problems with storing and backing up large, complex engineering files in the cloud.  A lot of times, working remotely and accessing these large graphic documents causes sluggish and choppy connection. Often it is more of a hindrance than a convenience, even with the most up-to-date virtualization software. Technology should help you work through your day, not create obstacles.

Complete Cloud provides a high level of disaster recovery. Files are hosted in a redundant data center in addition to being stored in a local data cache at each of your locations. This synchronizes with the data center and backs up your files every time you hit “save”. Say goodbye to sluggish VPN connections. With Complete Cloud, your login now gives access to a virtual desktop instance so you can work from anywhere at any time with ease.

Complete Storage:

Think about the graphic and complex nature of the designs and projects you work on every day. These take up a much larger amount of storage space in comparison to other industries. Therefore, it is important to save and back-up records of previous projects, new works, and any variations of the document.

With Centrality’s Complete Cloud, these storage demands shouldn’t present an added cost or inconvenience to you. Never worry about increasing storage demands again. We will continue to provide you with storage space as your work demands it.


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