Mon, February 29, 2016

Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10

As you may know, Microsoft launched Windows 10 in the summer of 2015. Millions of users have transitioned to this new platform, and many are saying that it combines the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with some additional benefits as well. As the platform is nearing its 1 year after being released, here are 5 reasons why your business should consider upgrading to Windows 10.

  1. It is Familiar and Easy to Use: The Start menu is back by popular demand! The Start menu is enhanced with resizable tiles, to display commonly used apps, and new capabilities to help you be more productive. Updating and viewing available notifications is also much easier in Windows 10. While Windows 8.1 showed “toast” notifications from apps that disappeared after they timed out, the new Action Center lists all available notifications, so that you can view and address them at times of your choosing and have a reminder of which are pending.
  1. It is Advanced and Innovative: Snap enhancements and virtual desktops allow for users to have the ability to manipulate the layout of the windows that are open on the desktop to group applications together, for instance based on project. Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser – a new reading view element blocks distracting content, making online reading and researching more focused. Digital assistant Cortana can also help production, by delivering reminders and learning your searching behavior over time.
  1. Apps Work Across All Devices: In an increasingly mobile world, the importance of being able to access files on multiple devices has grown substantially. Windows 10 comes with built-in apps that use OneDrive to back up your information and sync seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices.
  1. It is More Secure: Windows 10 is the most secure that Microsoft has ever built. Enhanced security features, like identity and access control, help protect against viruses, malware, and even phishing attacks.
  1. It’s FREE! : For those who have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10. But hurry, this is only available in the first year after the initial launch (which was in July of 2015).


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