Mon, June 19, 2017

Take your Phone System Mobile with NEC’s MLC

Over the years, changes in how the workforce operates has dictated the evolution of the business phone system. For instance, the need to integrate voicemail with email, with customer relationship management (CRM) platform and more importantly the use of mobile devices. Mobility increases productivity and allows for more flexibility, as employees are no longer forced to complete tasks at their desk. NEC’s Multiline Client (MLC) is a great tool to enhance your business communication and efficiency.


True Mobility

 According to Forbes, 81% if CEOs see mobile technology as a strategically important part of their business. Mobile devices are becoming the primary communications method for most of today’s on-the-go workforce. Along with the expanded use of mobile phones for business comes the challenge of remaining connected and effective, without the functionality of a networked telephone.

The Multiline Client provides the power of having the functionality of NEC’s desktop phone through Apple and Android mobile devices. In addition, it gives your users access anytime, anywhere – enhancing and streamlining voice communication. With a single number to reach, customers and colleagues can easily contact users. For instance, an employee can have both their desk phone and their MLC ring simultaneously. Let’s say they answer at their desk, but need to run to a meeting outside of the office – simply transfer to their mobile device without interrupting the call.


Features of MLC

MLC Mobile delivers a full multiline, self-labeling desktop telephone user experience. A familiar NEC desktop telephone intuitive interface supports 32-line keys along with features such as transfer, park, conference, and even Bluetooth capability. Customizable soft keys and ring tones allow for the employee to meet their individual requirements and preferences, just as they would be able to program on a desktop telephone. Call history logs incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, so the user can easily make call backs and add contacts to their directory.

This client operates internally on your corporate Wi-Fi network, and outside of the network on a reliable VPN connection. Ask Centrality about pricing and additional details on how this enhanced NEC feature can bring to your business.

NEC MLC Mobile



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