Mon, September 23, 2019

Phone System Success Story: Bullitt County Health Department

Finding a Phone System PartnerBCHD, Phone System Partner

Bullitt County Health Department (BHCD) was starting the process of looking for a new phone system partner. Their existing system was considered legacy and was no longer supported by the manufacturer. This made finding replacement parts more difficult. In addition, finding a supported vendor who could work on the system when issues did arise was also a challenge.

It seemed that phone by phone were breaking. A speaker would be going out, buttons would stop working, the handset could no longer hear audio. There was a stock of “extra” phones in the data closet that the staff could switch out if something started not working. However, they typically they ended up trading one issue for another. It was time to make a change, and Bullitt County Health decided to partner with Centrality.

The Solution

It was determined after careful discovery that the NEC SV9100 was the right solution for BCHD. The system was deployed with about 60 phones between 2 buildings. In addition, this solution included integrated paging as well as unified communications capabilities with voicemail to email.

This customer was able to improve their daily processes and communicate more efficiently by updating their technology. They know that they have a reliable manufacturer and a system that will grow as their business grows. Now that their phone system has been updated, they will be able to spend less time and money on outdated technology and more time dedicated to their customers.


“Bullitt County Health Department had the pleasure to enter into an agreement with Centrality Business Technologies for the purchase and installation of a new phone system.  The process was thoroughly explained, appointments were kept, and Liz, Marcus and team were always professional, yet friendly.  Great teamwork with wonderful results! We look forward to doing business with Centrality in the future.”

Julie Callaway-Spratt, Finance Administrator

Bullitt County Health Department

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