Mon, May 16, 2016

The 3 P’s of Centrality’s Managed Services

In today’s workplace, many aspects of business are dependent on technology in some form in order to carry out daily processes. Downtime not only causes delays and frustrations for users. It also leads to lost revenue and business production for the amount of time that your applications, PCs, etc. were not functioning. Centrality’s Managed Services provides more than just IT support. Steve Cox, Cloud Services Support Manager at Centrality,  gives some additional insight into the MSP solution.

3 P’s of Centrality’s Managed Services:


Managed Services is considered a preventative and proactive support model. A dedicated team of engineers monitor and manage the security and health of your servers and workstations. This service level serves as a means of preventing potential issues before they happen.

In the event of an issue, Centrality can be alerted and take action to resolve the problem, at times before any end-user is affected.

Steve Cox, Cloud Services Support Manager at Centrality Business Technologies

With the simple click of the HelpDesk agent icon, users submit tickets explaining the issues they are experiencing. All the while, knowing that help is on the way. Many problems are solved “behind the scenes”, not requiring any user intervention at all.


Centrality’s MSP Network Operations Center ensures the installation of critical updates and security patches on a pre-determined schedule. Also, anti-virus continually updates to keep your data and network secure. Reports are sent on a periodic basis showing you the health of your servers and critical devices. Reports on anti-virus are also sent periodically.


Finally, with Centrality’s Managed Services, we design a customized plan for your business based on your needs. Your organization may have an internal IT team and only needs assistance in HelpDesk support. Or, you may rely completely on an outsourced IT vendor for your technology needs.  No matter the situation, Centrality can become your trusted technology partner. In addition, you also gain a virtual CIO. Our expert team of engineers provide recommendations for future software and hardware upgrades to ensure that your network will maintain optimal performance.


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