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Screen grab thinking manYou need to beware of rapidly-emerging cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are morphing their attack techniques, using a range of new tactics to try to increase their success. In this informative ebook, you will learn about these sophisticated threats and how to protect against them.

– A cyberattack can affect your business in many ways, depending on its nature, scope, and severity. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, cybercrime cost $3.5 billion in losses last year alone, with business email compromise causing the most damages.

– The email and phishing threats faced by organizations today vary significantly in complexity, volume, and the impact they have on businesses and their employees. This ebook takes an in-depth look at the top threat types, including the risks and impact on businesses.

– In today’s rapidly evolving environment, traditional security solutions aren’t enough to protect businesses anymore. You must also effectively defend against sophisticated threats that are often able to bypass defense.

– To learn more about keeping your business safe, contact Centrality at 502.267.2552.

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