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NEC’s UC Desktop Suite: Improve the Way You Work

In any business, whether small or large, effective communication plays a vital part in building and maintaining relationships. Having the right communication tools allow for increased productivity, efficiency, and customer service and ultimately enhance the collaboration within your organization. NEC’s UC Desktop Suite is an integrated unified communications platform that provides all of these. The […]

It’s Time to Rethink IT with Centrality

IT hardware has a single destiny: to become obsolete or to die. It’s time to stop the endless cycle of making capital expenses to maintain and upgrade your IT equipment in order to keep up with your business production. With Centrality’s Complete Cloud, you’ll never have to buy another PC, switch, or server again! How […]


There’s a lot of talk these days about “the cloud”: data in the cloud, business in the cloud, security in the cloud… But what does it all mean? At its core, there is no universal distinction among the terms “cloud technology” and “cloud computing”—no matter how you phrase it, “the cloud” is a metaphor for […]

Desktop Phone + Tablet = NEC UT880

A New Spin on Your Traditional Desktop Phone NEC’s UT880 takes a more innovative and modern view on voice communications by integrating the traditional desktop phone and tablet into one device. The UT880 desk-phone provides you with the full functionality of a desk-phone and access to your NEC Unified Communications (UC) desktop/mobile client. All UC […]

New Brand – Same Great Service

cen·tral·i·ty: 1. The state or quality of being central.  2. A tendency to be or remain at the center. Since 1996, we have been assisting businesses with the center-most aspect of their production – their network and technology needs. Whether that be infrastructure cabling, voice systems, or IT, Centrality is trusted to provide our knowledge […]

How Your Business Can Benefit From Office 365

“I’ve got to run back to the office and get that file.” “Let me call the office and get them to make a copy of that.” “When I get back to the office I’ll check my calendar.” Those are all things are things you won’t ever say again when your business takes the plunge to […]

Managed Services: What is Worry Free IT?

Imagine never having to deal with another computer crash, renewing a backup software license, or worrying about the security of your network files. That’s called “uptime.” It’s a slowly dissolving concept for businesses that desperately want to manage their business, not their technology. When ANS manages your IT services, those become worry free. We render […]