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4 Notable Tech Trends on the Horizon

For businesses operating in this exciting and ever-changing technological time, staying abreast of what’s on the horizon can help with staying prepared for the next big change coming.

Microsoft Office 365: Much more than email

pro·duc·tiv·i·ty  — noun: the rate at which goods are produced or work is completed, the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. —Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Businesses are like fingerprints. While they may seem similar at first glance, the internal swoops, loops and whorls […]

How Technology Can Ease the Stress of Holiday Travel

The holiday’s are officially here, we’ve carved the turkey and Christmas is quite literally days away. For many, the idea of holiday travel plans causes extreme anxiety — especially for busy professionals who often have big projects that cannot be left without direction, even for special occasions. But, life can’t be all work and no […]

2016 IT Budgeting: 5 Simple Ways to Trim Your Technology Expenses

As the end of the year fast approaches, chances are that you are in the midst of a deep dive into your company’s budget — analyzing, tweaking, cutting and increasing. When thinking about your business’ IT expenditures, it can be overwhelming to think about the ever-constant technological advancements that — for better or for worse […]